Hypnosis Scripts

This collection of hypnosis scripts has been curated from various open source repositories.

Please respect the licence.

Induction Scripts

Filename Licence Size Last Modified Action
association method.txt GPL2 or higher 3.95 KB 2017-09-22 download
basic.txt GPL2 or higher 1.07 KB 2017-09-23 download
confusion.txt GPL2 or higher 2.96 KB 2017-09-23 download
default induction.txt GPL2 or higher 1.55 KB 2017-09-23 download

Deepener Scripts

Filename Licence Size Last Modified Action
anesthesia.txt GPL2 or higher 2.31 KB 2017-09-23 download
long island.txt GPL2 or higher 7.06 KB 2017-09-23 download
room of nothingness.txt GPL2 or higher 3.4 KB 2017-09-23 download
train succeptible.txt GPL2 or higher 4.73 KB 2017-09-23 download

Suggestion Scripts

Filename Licence Size Last Modified Action
reaction time.txt GPL2 or higher 2.9 KB 2017-09-23 download
safety net.txt GPL2 or higher 2.64 KB 2017-09-23 download
success.txt GPL2 or higher 3.33 KB 2017-09-23 download

Wakener Scripts

Filename Licence Size Last Modified Action
default wakener.txt GPL2 or higher 1.31 KB 2017-09-23 download
forget.txt GPL2 or higher 1.68 KB 2017-09-23 download


Filename Licence Size Last Modified Action
1.mp3 GPL2 or higher 169.88 KB 2017-09-24 download
2.mp3 GPL2 or higher 368.66 KB 2017-09-24 download
3.mp3 GPL2 or higher 180.49 KB 2017-09-24 download
5.mp3 GPL2 or higher 510.24 KB 2017-09-24 download
6.mp3 GPL2 or higher 463.22 KB 2017-09-24 download
8.mp3 GPL2 or higher 293.05 KB 2017-09-24 download
hyp.mp3 GPL2 or higher 82.96 KB 2017-09-24 download
hypnoloop.mp3 GPL2 or higher 84.09 KB 2017-09-24 download


Filename Licence Size Last Modified Action
clouds.qtz MIT 170.63 KB 2018-01-01 download
spirultimate.qtz Unknown 31.19 KB 2018-01-02 download
swirls.qtz MIT 563.49 KB 2018-01-01 download

Create your own Hypnosis Scripts for DIY Hypnosis

There are a few guidelines for getting your script to work correctly.

For more details guide please see Apple's guide: Overview of Embedded Speech Command Syntax

If you would like your hypnosis script to be included, then please contact us for details.